Album Review – English Dance and Song Magazine

Thanks so much to Julian Cole and English Dance and Song (EFDSS members’ magazine) for reviewing my album in the Winter 2020 edition of the magazine – it’s a lovely review!

(See bottom of page for transcription).

© Julian Cole/English Folk Dance and Song Society


George Sansome
George Sansome
Grimdon Records

This self-titled debut is remarkably assured for a young musician, yet George Sansome has already been around the folk block as a member of Granny’s Attic, formed to fill out the hours at school.

The ten traditional songs here are nimbly arranged by Sansome. His voice is strong and commandingly mature, his guitar playing the perfect accompaniment, tunefully fluid yet never too dominant. He’s a nimble player and there is a winning resonance and directness to these performances, played as if live and pleasingly free from unnecessary clutter.

BBC Radio Two Folk Award-winning producer Ben Walker does a fine job in letting guitar and voice tell the whole story. Sansome takes his cue from, among others, Nic Jones and Martin Carthy, and he edges into such elevated company with confidence. The songs are all finely expressed and there is a sweetness to his singing that stays with you. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but if pushed, this listener would choose When Shall I Get Married? This last song more than earns its keep.
Julian Cole

© Julian Cole/English Folk Dance and Song Society

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