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Photo: Mars West

The latest issue (July/August) of RnR magazine features a nice review of my debut album – thanks to Ian Croft and RnR for the review. Ian really puts his finger on what I was trying to do when putting my album together, calling it “an unhurried album where the listener can concentrate on every word, and melodies are uniformly strong”. See below for the full review.

RnR is a great magazine covering folk, roots, rock, world and blues music, including great interviews, features and reviews. Get hold of the latest issue here.

George Sansome
* * * *

Having been ten years as guitarist and singer in the excellent Granny’s Attic, George Sansome has embarked upon a parallel solo career and this is his self-titled debut album. It’s a set of ten traditional songs—some well known, others less so—sung and played by George, in a crisp production by Ben Walker that keeps the sound clean and uncluttered. Opening track ‘Collier Lass’ adds double bass from Tom Bailey but otherwise George, his voice and guitar, appear in the unadorned fashion that you’d see on stage.

George has a maturing voice, full of musicality, and a skilful guitar technique, influenced by Nic Jones and others. A good choice of songs includes transportation ballad, ‘Australia’, which is taken at a stately pace, appropriate to the story. This fits well with an unhurried album where the listener can concentrate on every word, and melodies are uniformly strong.

Beyond that, ‘Bonaparte’s Departure For St. Helena’ was learned from a live recording by Nic Jones, and ‘Jovial Cutler’ is a little more upbeat, relating some of the perils of too much drinking. George Sansome is a fine example of traditional material sung and played well—a very promising debut.

Ian Croft

© Ian Croft/RnR Magazine

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