New Live Video Out Now and Bandcamp Friday

At the end of 2019, I recorded a couple of live performances of songs from my debut album. The second video, “Australia”, is out now!

The video was beautifully shot by Maria Alzamora and Lewis Harris did a great job on the audio.

“Australia” is a song of convict transportation, and comes from the singing of Bob Hart (1892-1978) from Snape, Suffolk, as recorded by Tony Engle in September 1973.

It has its origins in the earlier song Virginny, which dates to the 18th century (pre-American Independence) when British convicts were transported to Virginia. After the American Revolutionary War, the British government began to ship convicts to Australia instead, with over 160,000 convicts transported across an 80 year period. Even the convicts who hadn’t been transported for life – perhaps like this song’s narrator – rarely made it back to Britain; few of those with seven or fourteen year sentences could afford the return fare.

Here’s the video (see below to listen to the song on Spotify):

Today (3rd July) is also Bandcamp Friday – Bandcamp are waiving all their fees in support of artists.

I’ve got a few different items on my Bandcamp: you can get hold of a limited edition album art print by Mars West, a digital single – and the album is available on CD/download.

As well as supporting artists you already know and love, today is a great chance to discover some new music – so take a chance and buy something you’ve not heard before!

Thank you,


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