Album Review – Songlines

Thanks to Tim Cumming and Songlines for a great 4-star review of my upcoming solo album!
See below for the review (transcription below image), or get hold of the full issue of this month’s magazine here.

George Sansome
George Sansome
Grimdon Records (44 mins)
* * * *
Granny’s Attic guitarist and singer steps out on his own

One third of BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award nominees Granny’s Attic, Sansome releases his solo debut. This self-titled album is a set of traditional songs produced by Ben Walker and beautifully performed by Sansome.

The songs are captured up-close and personal — Sansome’s high level of performance means that as a listener you can all but climb inside them and roam around, taking on their weights and measures. It opens with ‘Collier Lass’, a vivid depiction of hard labour and hardier spirit; its lines ‘for we would provide you with life’s greatest blessing/so do not despise a poor collier lass’ will find a strong echo in the hailing of frontline workers in the current pandemic. ‘The Bold Princess Royal’ is a classic seafaring adventure, our bold heroes fighting off French privateers in a big, popular song handled by everyone from Walter Pardon to Bob Copper.

Other choices are less familiar, but no less absorbing, such as the seduction song ‘Gown Of Green’, wherein a lone mother with babe in arms is reunited with her wounded soldier lover, or ‘The Bleaches So Green’, a more gimlet-eyed take on love, marriage and seduction. As with many a classic folk ballad, all of life — good, bad, and outrageous — can be found herein.

Tim Cumming

TRACK TO TRY Gown Of Green

© Tim Cumming/Songlines 2020

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